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Union Graduate School – Learner-centered Doctoral Degree Program

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Ben Davis
B. Blackburn UGS Cheer
B. Blackburn is an archival resource for those involved with or interested in the rise and fall of the Union Graduate School (UGS). explores how the vision of UGS as an educationally progressive Ph.D. program vanished with the onset of internal and external changes. The site includes the history and development of the Graduate School. It explores how interdisciplinarity was incorporated within graduates' programs of study and how learner initiative and community were encouraged and supported. This archive also follows the story of how learner empowerment in person-centered learning was won and lost. was developed by Ben Davis, Ph.D., professor emeritus of the Union Institute and University (UI&U), Cincinnati, Ohio. The creation and development of the UGS site was supported by a contribution from the Low Dot Chew and Lee Shee Fund, San Francisco. has no official connection or relationship to the present Graduate College of UI&U.

Union Graduate copyright © 2007-2015 by Ben Davis. All rights reserved.

"Blues for Del" © 2007 Kenny Burrell, a former UGS learner.